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McClure & Associates works with companies that are in a position to recruit Exceeds Expectations performers by engaging our services.

Are you ready to fill those positions that were due yesterday or get a jump on future needs? Contact us now to immediately activate your search. We are ready to develop a long term relationship with your company. On average, our job orders are filled on time and from a selection of 1-3 of our top resumes. The following is a list of information that we typically receive from our client companies:

What are Your Needs

  • Company Specs & Top Competitors
  • Job Description & Qualifications & Reason for Opening
  • Location / Travel % / Target Salary Range & Incentives
  • Performance/Salary Review Program
  • Insight into your Interview Process & Interview Team Bio’s
  • Offer process

Work with Us

Contact us so we can begin the dialogue to understand your needs, timing and discuss our contingency fees.

We have been working with Pam McClure of McClure & Associates for several years. We appreciate her professionalism and responsiveness to our requests and the way she is always willing to work with you as well as for you. She is talented in finding quality candidates for consideration and I would highly recommend her services.

Jeanie Richcreek PHR
St. Onge Company
World-Recognized Supply Chain Strategy & Logistics Consulting Firm